Katsumi in the musical, "Sayonara"(Off-Broadway, Pan Asian Rep)

“ ‘Sayonara’ Reimagines a Story of Cross-Cultural Love...
Edward Tolve is an exuberant Joe and Natsuko Hirano an adorable Katsumi.” - Alexis Soloski,
NY Times 
"And then there's Natsuko Hirano as Katsumi. With her seemingly indefatigable energy, she's a burst of sunshine. We see why Joe married her despite the looming logistical challenges."-Michael Bracken, Curtain Up
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"The most touching storyline ends up belonging to B-plot Joe and Katsumi. It's darkly ironic that the most functional couple onstage ends up meeting the most tragic end. Tolve and Hirano have a real chemistry that makes you wish you were invited over for sake at their little house by the canal"-Zachary Stewart, Theater Mania

JAI in "The Brother's Paranormal" (Off-Broadway, Pan Asian Rep)

Natsuko - The Brothers Paranormal - Pull
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As the questionable silent spirit, Natsuko Hirano exhibits allure and needed athleticism.-Darryl Reilly, 

Christmas Eve in "Avenue Q" (Nashville Repertory Theatre)

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Making her Nashville Rep debut as Christmas Eve, Natsuko Hirano is remarkably focused and funny, making the most of her ethnic roots to play the stereotypical role free from any restraint, thus ensuring her character is authentic and believable. -Jeffery Ellis, Broadway